My goal for this paper is not to materially advance climate science. However, I have found that the global warming skeptic’s case is seldom reported well or in any depth, and I wanted to have a try at producing a fair reporting of the skeptic’s position. I have been unhappy with several of the recent documentaries outlining the skeptic’s case, either because they skipped over a number of critical issues, or because they over-sold alternate warming hypotheses that are not yet well understood. To the inevitable charge that as a non-practitioner, I am not qualified to write this paper --I believe that I am able to present the current state of the science, with a particular emphasis on the skeptic’s case, at least as well as a good reporter might, and far better than most reporters actually portray the state of the science. Through this paper I will try to cite sources as often as possible and provide links for those who are reading this online, this report is best read as journalism, not as a scientific, meticulously footnoted paper.

Years ago, another man not trained in climate started a PowerPoint presentation of what he knew about Global Warming. Over time, he used it both as a vehicle for communication as well as a living document that would evolve over time to reflect his improving knowledge. A lot of people saw Al Gore’s PowerPoint presentation, and it became the backbone for the movie An Inconvenient Truth. I hope to use this blog the same way, as an evolving document to reflect my evolving knowledge.

Before proceeding, I want to make one note on nomenclature. The terms global warming and climate change are often used interchangeably, and generally are used in a way that imply man-made causes. For example, when many people speak of global warming, they are actually talking about anthropogenic global warming, meaning warming of the Earth from man-made causes, generally the release of greenhouse gasses including CO2. Of course the climate can, and does, change without man’s help and the Earth can warm without man-made gasses. I will try to be precise in my terminology. I will use global warming to mean literally an increase in Earth’s surface temperatures, no matter what the cause. I will use anthropogenic global warming, or AGW, to mean the theory that man is causing some or all of the current warming.

The most recent version of my book on man-made global warming is here.